Corporate Financial Advice

Corporate Advice

As an employer, you and your employees will often be your biggest assets and due to this you may want to ensure that you, your staff and their families are provided for financially in retirement, on death or through ill health. It is also important to consider the benefits of attracting and retaining key staff by being able to offer superior employee benefits.

Employer pension legislation changes regularly and can often be complex and time consuming. One thing however is certain, pension provision for your staff has never been more important.

We therefore offer advice on auto enrolment, cost effective Group Personal Pensions (GPP) or individual Personal Pension arrangements (PPP) as an alternative to the new Workplace Pension.

As a director (and potentially your senior team), you will have differing needs to your employees and due to this we offer Executive Financial Counselling providing a bespoke service to achieve your own personal goals alongside your corporate goals.

Do you have business partners or key employees? Do you wish to protect their financial interests in the business or wish to fund the costs of replacing a key employee in the event of death or long term illness? We can look at a range of suitable business protection options and can offer shareholder protection, partnership protection or Keyperson assurance.

What about the families of your staff and how would they cope financially if a member of your staff were to die or fall seriously ill? We can offer group arrangements such as Death in Service (DIS) or Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) or if required work with them on a one to one basis to provide more detailed planning.

We want to help you ensure that you are effectively meeting the needs and wants of your employees while balancing this with the needs of your business.

We have entrusted our business investments with HSP for many years and have had nothing but a successful, profitable and very professional customer relationship

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